5CB become Space Cadets

Astronaut Academy came to Thames today. Year 5 were all invited to be space cadets and undertake a range of missions. The children were asked to work in groups, pairs and individually across tasks. 

Tasks involved many skills from: 
lacing up shoes in the dark; predicting when two minutes were up; creating a mission badge; building towers without talking; memory tests; agaility courses, building cubes following a set of rules. The class needed to demonstrate listening skills, team work and good communication. 

Meeting a scientist in the space dome was a true highlight discussing if there is life out there?! We decided there is something , though not necessarily green men in a flying machines! For those who use Twitter the robot on Mars named Curiosity has its own account and tweets live images from Mars. It uses the Twitter name Curiosity Rover @MarsCuriosity. Apparently it even sings itself happy birthday once a year.

Finishing our busy day with a whole year group launch into space. It was lovely to see the children so enthused and eager to discover more. A lovely start to the topic 5CB.


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